R.L. Harris Hydroelectric Project Relicensing Website

Welcome to Alabama Power Company’s public website for the R.L. Harris Hydroelectric Project relicensing, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Project No. 2628. This website serves as an information source for people interested in learning more about the Harris Project and the relicensing process.

The Project

The 135 MW Project consists of a dam, spillway, powerhouse and a 9,870-acre reservoir, Lake Harris. Lake Harris is located on the Tallapoosa River, near Lineville, Alabama. In addition to the reservoir, there are approximately 7,411 acres of Project lands adjacent to the reservoir that include a scenic easement, natural undeveloped areas, hunting lands, prohibited access areas, recreational areas and all islands. The Project also contains 15,063 acres of land within the James D. Martin-Skyline Wildlife Management Area located in Jackson County, Alabama. These lands, located approximately 110 miles north of Lake Harris, are leased to and managed by the State of Alabama for wildlife management and public hunting. 

The License

On December 27, 1973, the Federal Power Commission (now the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or FERC) issued the original license to Alabama Power to operate the Project for a term of 50 years. Alabama Power began construction in 1974 and the Project went into service on April 20, 1983. The license will expire on November 30, 2023. Therefore, APC must file an application for a new license (relicense) with FERC by November 30, 2021.

The Relicensing Process

Alabama Power will use FERC’s Integrated Licensing Process (ILP) for relicensing the Project. The ILP provides an efficient and streamlined process, while affording opportunity to evaluate all resources potentially affected by the continued operation of the Project. The ILP begins with early issue identification and resolution of studies to fill information gaps to avoid additional studies once the application is filed with FERC. The ILP process encourages collaboration and integrates other stakeholders in the relicensing process, including state and federal resource agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGO), applicable Native American tribes, and members of the public.

Contact Information

Angie Anderegg
Alabama Power – Hydro Services
[email protected]

This Site

This site is designed to facilitate communication between Alabama Power and Harris relicensing stakeholders. Through this website, Alabama Power will share meeting notes, study plans, and other documents required by the ILP, provide links to other helpful relicensing resources, and keep stakeholders informed about upcoming meetings and relicensing process deadlines.